We firmly believe that music should be a fun and inspiring experience regardless of a student’s level.

We offer a patient and encouraging style of learning that builds on the student’s previous and natural knowledge and provides the necessary tools for success.  Our teaching is not exam led, we tailor each lesson to the needs of the students; allowing students to take ownership of their learning and the style they wish to play.  However, exams can be taken if desired.

These lessons can be on-going, occasional or a short series depending on what is required.

What we offer:

  • Learning in a friendly, relaxed environment; the essential foundation for success.
  • We aim to nurture a passion for music making through our own love of music.
  • We hope to develop a student’s musicianship through curiosity and motivation
  • We always aim to promote ensemble skills through the use of duets etc

Instrumental Teaching in Schools

If your child has been having lessons in one of the schools that The Music Junction works in then they will not need to re-apply for lessons in the new school year. If they are new to lesson please fill in a Music Junction contact form from the school office.

The Music Junction is now providing all the instrumental lessons in the following schools:

Glenfall – Ukulele, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Brass, Drums, percussion, Flute, Violin, Viola, clarinet and recorder

Swindon Village – Woodwind, Ukulele, Guitar, Piano, Brass, Drums, violin

Woodmancote – Woodwind, Ukulele, Guitar, Recorder, Bass, Brass, Violin, Drums, Piano

Naunton Park – Guitar, Ukulele & Brass

Springbank Academy – Ukulele, Violin & Guitar

Gotherington – Brass

High School For Girls – Guitar, Ukulele, Bass and Trombone

We offer whole class sessions in Violin, Ukulele, Samba, Brass and composition.

We offer lessons in:

  • Brass (Trumpet, Cornet, Euphonium, trombone)
  • Drums
  • Violin
  • Ukulele
  • Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Mandolin (Some schools only)

All billing, payments, timetables or queries about these lessons in these schools will need to be through the Music Junction and not the school office.

Hand book for Parents

Below is a link to our Parent’s Handbook. Please read through this carefully. It contains the answers to many of our frequently asked questions.

Music Junction Parent’s Handbook (PDF File)

If you would like your child to have instrumental lessons please fill in the form below putting the instrument you require into the message you leave.

Please complete (sign and date) the statement below and return the whole policy to Nathan King via your child at their next lesson. [DOWNLOAD]

    I have read the terms and conditions, and I agree to the privacy policy

    Terms and Conditions

    Please read these fully before signing a child up for music lessons. By signing up you are consenting to these terms and conditions.
    The Music Junction is a “non for profit” community music school, who’s principle aim is to offer high quality instrumental lessons at an affordable price. Cost of tuition will be £55 per term (group tuition) for the academic year 2023-2024. For the cost of individual lessons please contact The Music Junction. Late payment charges may apply.

    • The contract for lessons is between the Parent and The Music Junction
    • Lessons are given during school the day.
    • 30 lessons are given each year – 10 lessons per term (this may vary depending on term lengths & the school
      calendar). Where this is not possible The Music Junction or the teacher will notify the Parent.
    • Missed lessons will be made up (where possible); however this can not always be achieved, especially when lessons clash with school events.  If you know of a clash (trips, events in school etc) parents must inform the teacher in advance.
    • Parents must pay lesson fees on or before the date given, (late payment may result in lessons being stopped)
    • Parents must encourage their son/daughter to practice, only then can real progress be made!
    • If a pupil wishes to stop lessons they must give at least half a terms notice “in writing”.
    • Please contact The Music Junction if you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s tuition.
    • Length of lessons vary depending on group size
    • All teachers are highly experienced music educators and are CRB checked and have their own liability insurance.
    • Where a pupil has special educational needs or a medical condition, parents will expected to inform the
      Instrumental teacher.

    Our aim is to offer:

    • A high Standard of Instrumental Teaching
    • Affordable Fees (£55 per term) for group lessons – some groups will be larger and offered at a cheaper rate!
    • Easy access for parents to chat about their child’s progress etc……….
    • Help with Instrument purchase – Via CotswoldStringswww.cotswoldstrings.co.uk Please talk to us about your child’s instrument.  We can help.